Starter Loops and Packs


Beeple is another reason to believe that Canadians are generous and kind. You will most likely have seen his works on youtube or in performances, really beautiful pieces that have grown out of his dailies.
His loops are released under Creative Commons including all source files; a great learning resource too.

VJ Galaxy

Has a freebies section. Many cohesive packs are available including a Resolume Arena 6 generator pack and various triple–wide offerings.

Doc Optic

DocOptic provides VJ software tutorials and animated footage for live visuals, VJing, Video DJing, video mapping, projection mapping, music videos, installations, and video art projects.VJ Tutorials, HD VJ Loops & Footage for Live Visuals

A mixed bag over at Doc Optic my personal favourites are the delicious B&W loops, great for masking mash–ups.

Motion Loops

Releases of four free loops a month (24 are available at any time). A rather slim selection but there are some gems to be found especially from the time–lapse niche. A lot are helped by adding effects and reflections.


Swinton S. Wigfall III